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New & Future Retail Openings & Closings, Posted Daily

Our team of researchers identify, validate and update hundreds of new openings and closings each day to alert you of competitive encroachment or exposure to nearby closures within your shopping centers and retail markets up to two years in advance. 

Our web app and automated data feeds offer customizable alerts based on the most comprehensive database of retail openings and closings so that retailers, manufacturers, landlords and investors can focus on their real estate strategy rather than point of interest research. 


Stay ahead of the ever-changing retail landscape

Real estate intelligence continues to evolve with the retail landscape through purposeful and constant innovation.

Hundreds of records updated daily

Retail Openings & Closings combine data from local news publications, web scraping, government records and a myriad of other sources to provide hundreds of updated and new records each day.

Real estate driven data points

Retail Openings & Closings is enriched with additional data derived from real estate centric research such as landlord, shopping center, square footage, store format and more. 

Multi-faceted approach to quality assurance

Retail Openings & Closings combine machine learning with primary research and boots-on-ground expertise to ensure our records stay updated with the latest effective dates.  

User portfolio integration

Retail Openings & Closings sends in-app notifications as well as email alerts based on distance and exposure around each users’ portfolio to keep them informed on the most impactful events within their shopping centers and retail markets. 

Customizable data solutions

Retail Openings & Closings provides data to our users via web app, mobile app, API, SFTP, email alerts and Excel exports. 


Expert decisions start here

Our datasets empower professionals to make data-driven decisions regarding their site selection, merchandising strategy, underwriting and more.  

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