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At RetailStat, we believe in the power of data to drive retail success. Our platform empowers businesses to harness insights hidden within financial, credit, and location data. Make smarter decisions. Increase efficiency. Fuel growth.


The industry’s most powerful retailer health & intelligence data

Make faster, data-driven decisions regarding extension of credit, retail site selection, acquisition strategies, underwriting and more. 

RetailStat Financial

Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth financial and credit data insights, complemented by expert guidance from our team of seasoned retail industry analysts.

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RetailStat Location

Get a detailed, 360-degree view with some of the most extensive locational datasets and analytics available, supported by a team of industry experts.

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RetailStat Grocery

Experience unprecedented transparency in grocer performance with grocery sales estimates, property specifics, and visitation insights.

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Brands that Trust Us


Data-driven insights & the industry expertise to back them up 


Extensive insights to help you refine your portfolio strategy, choose the right locations, and keep an eye on the competitive landscape.

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Real Estate

The answers to your acquisition, leasing, and asset management questions, all in one place. Get the key insights you need to mitigate risk, pursue the right leads, and maintain your competitive advantage. 



Protect and grow your portfolio with unprecedented access to credit and financial health information across the retail landscape.  

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Real-time alerts on everything from retailer health and risk to opportunities and competitive data. Add guidance from industry experts and you're well on your way to best-in-class retail insights and intelligence.

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