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Our team of retail experts combine mobile data, demographics, psychographics and the most up-to-date POI data to provide unparalleled insights that help you navigate retail’s constantly evolving landscape.


Cutting-edge real estate intelligence

As the retail landscape evolves through constant innovation, so too does real estate intelligence. Our solutions provide comprehensive insights into the brick-and-mortar ecosystem and customized data for retailers, manufacturers, landlords and investors.

True Trade Areas

Determine visitor personas, concentration, and reach using true trade areas based on visitors’ census block groups. Enrich the data with demographics and customer segmentation.

Void Analysis

Find the perfect tenant for new or backfill opportunities. Get a list of prospects based on demographic match, shared visitors, and distance with the click of a button.

Traffic rankings

Compare how a location ranks against portfolio or industry in terms of traffic performance.  Further understand performance by refining with customizable filters such as regionality and tenant rosters.

Landlord Tenant Rosters

Group retail locations by their shopping centers and landlords to identify co-tenancy patterns. Measure shopping center health by tenant composition.

Retailer footprint

Combine a retailer’s locations to generate a benchmark of typical traffic patterns, visitor demographics and trade areas.


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