POI Data

The Past, Present and Future of Location Data

Access millions of Points of Interest (POI) and historical snapshots with our expansive POI product set .


Flexible features & real-time intelligence

The ultimate POI solution for businesses big and small. Our data is collected directly from the primary source and offered via multiple, flexible formats, making it easy for you to access and analyze the information you need.

Data Browser

Find POIs in your area of interest – retail, restaurants, health and fitness, and beyond – with our POI Explorer. With a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to filter and export our data catalog by category, last updated date, geography and other criteria.

List Builder

Generate and customize a POI dataset tailored to your needs with our flexible List Builder. You can even create your own personalized downloads by selecting the most relevant brands, categories, geographies or fields.

List Page

Review all available information for one brand through the List Page. Each page includes a brand description, available metadata fields that come with the data set and a quick summary of the most recently available snapshot. If available, you can easily download historical snapshots of brands—some brands have up to 15 years of history!

Tracked lists & notifications

View your favorite brands and download the most recent data available. Plus, receive recurring updates on brands of interest. Always have the latest information!

Change log

Track changes to your POI data, whether due to new brands or changes to collectable metadata, including identifying brand closures. Our tool provides detailed information on each change. This level of transparency ensures you always have a clear understanding of what changes have been made to your POI data.


With API access, developers can customize the data they receive and how they use it, enabling them to create unique and tailored experiences for their users. Additionally, real-time data updates ensure that applications and platforms are always using the most up-to-date information available.


From POI to ROI

Discover the unique competitive advantage that comes with access to millions of POIs for thousands of open and operating brands and historical POI snapshots of major brands.

Take a closer look at location... location... location.

Meet with one of our experts to explore what millions of POIs can do for your business.